Testimonials from the Heart
"Amazing what Dr. Marcus' keen and well trained listening ear and two little homeopathic pills could do in such a short period of time."  Jane ~ Portland, Oregon
My 3 year old daughter "didn't have any nightmares for the next few months--after that they came back only occasionally."  "I needed to follow-up."  "Thanks, Gina"
"My lungs have been 95% better ever since and my dermatitis has totally cleared up."  Frank C., Ph.D, LMT
"You gave each patient time and tenderness that made them feel that you were their PERSONAL DOC similar to the rich and famous."  Victoria ~ Portland, OR
"I highly recommend Dr. Marcus for compassionate, knowledgeable care."  Judy ~ Naples, FL
"I appreciate how much she really cares, and shares the whole picture of the body's health."  Carole ~ Portland, OR
"I am truly grateful for her skill as a clinician and her kind and compassionate spirit."  Heather B. ~ Portland, OR
"She will guide you to learn more about how to participate in your healing process and maintain wellness in your life."  Beata M., PT ~ Portland, OR
"I always felt a sense of mutual respect and trust with her as my doctor and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone."  Hilary ~ Portland, OR
"Thank you for the healing and the support you have provided over the years."  Allie ~ Joana's Daughter
"Your advice as well as your cures has been very essential to my daughter's growth."  Joana ~ Portland, OR
"I am sorry to see her leave the Portland area, but I am sure that she will provide the people of Fort Collins with fantastic carte and I recommend her without reservation."  John 

Greg took 1st in his cross country race today in Adam's County and set a course record.  Thanks for all of your help!  Cathy ~ Fort Collins, CO